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Show Time: Robots Breaking Badly

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Let’s face it; most days, there is not a lot of excitement in the world of printing and output management. Yes, sometimes a troublesome queue acts up or the network is flaky, but normally all the safeguards work as designed. So more often than not, printing seems pretty boring.

So naturally, IT departments tend to let their guard down. As we’ve covered in one Blog story after another, (after another, after another…), failure to protect your document infrastructure can lead to costly fines, theft of intellectual property, or worse.

It’s a challenge to make print security sound exciting, but a leading hardware manufacturer has done just that. Playing off the popularity of the hit show “Mr. Robot,” HP developed a series of online videos that illustrate the dangers of printing without adequate security measures in place. Here’s a link to the first video in the series, which is called “The Wolf.

HP Secure Printing with LRS

If you’re into suspenseful drama, or IT, or just good storytelling, this series of videos is as entertaining as it is educational. HP developed other mini-movies in the series, to highlight different scenarios of print vulnerability.

Every story with a villain needs a hero, right? So, to resolve the problems described in the first ads, the producers have developed a second series of videos that evoke the tough-guy bodyguard character from the hit drama “Breaking Bad.” This series is called “The Fixer.” 

HP Secure Printing, LRS

Now, LRS doesn’t produce printers, though we partner with many best-of breed hardware vendors, including HP. Our approach to print security is less focused on the hardware involved than on safeguarding the end-to-end printing process — including encrypting print data flowing across the network. But I have to admit, these videos from HP underscore the importance of print security in a very dramatic fashion.

Regardless of how you secure your print data or which vendor you work with, one thing is clear: organizations like yours ignore print security at their own peril. Just ask the Wolf.

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