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I like burgers, especially those from Burger King. Their classic slogan ‘Have it Your Way’ is powerful. You can practically do anything you like with the company’s most famous offering. Add cheese, crispy onion, or bacon. Double the number of beef patties – or skip the meat entirely and opt for a plant-based substitute. Order the burger traditional or spicy. Hold the tomato, lettuce, pickles or any of the sauces. You get the idea…. you can basically order anything as long as it’s on the menu. Which, let’s be honest, has more than enough options to choose from.

There’s a point to this rambling about one of my favorite foods, and yes, it has to do with LRS Output Management. In fact, those exact words ‘Have it Your Way’ were spoken by our Director of Product Management Brent Black when he first talked about the new LRS cloud print solution. He explained that you can have print management from the cloud in a variety of ways, as long as it is “on the menu” of our offerings. And with plenty of options – just like Burger King – it will be more than enough for most.

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Let’s dive deeper into these options and also think about why someone might want something different. The LRS CloudPrint® menu is quite extensive. Aside from the fact that there are no servers or maintenance required, it offers the following:

  • Centralized control via a single admin portal
  • Secure authentication via Microsoft Azure Active Directory
  • Extensive tracking and reporting of enterprise-wide printing
  • Built in print driver management and automated deployment
  • Mobile cloud printing capability
  • Secure pull printing for all brands and devices
  • Data encryption, both in motion and at rest

These functions are the same pillars upon which most print management solutions are built today. For plenty of enterprises, they don’t need anything more than these basic functions. But sometimes it isn’t enough.

After learning about what LRS CloudPrint software has to offer, you may be wondering if there is any organization for which LRS CloudPrint is not a good fit. In fact, there are some enterprises that may need more functionality than LRS CloudPrint can deliver. For example, an organization that wants a solution to manage backend application printing (SAP, EMRs etc) is not ideally suited for the LRS CloudPrint solution.

The good news is that we have time-proven solutions developed specifically for these more demanding environments, and those solutions can still be hosted in the cloud. The difference is that they are tailored for specific types of enterprise output and offer a much more advanced feature set than the LRS CloudPrint offering. This is especially true of output generated in Open Systems or Mainframe environments. Any enterprise looking to manage printing from those sources is better off with our flagship VPSX Enterprise product.

One way to think of the LRS CloudPrint software is that the solution offers a “one size fits most approach” to print management. This is a new approach for LRS, as we pride ourselves on handling the complex business requirements facing some of the world’s largest organizations. But with the changing requirements of the market, we simply could not ignore the opportunity to serve this large community of potential customers. For this reason, we chose to introduce our cloud solution. It is a simple package that will benefit those organizations that do not require “outside the box” customized functionality.

With LRS CloudPrint software, customers get a great service offering at a great price that’s a snap to implement and use. At the same time, organizations with more complex requirements can still enjoy the enhanced feature set of our other solutions. We like to give our customers a choice, and the LRS CloudPrint solution is just the latest taste on an already large menu.

Now, let me ask you... is it just me, or did anyone else get hungry while reading this post? Bon Appetit!

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