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Many thanks to my co-worker Hunter for his thoughts on architecting and building a cloud print and scan solution. I know that “Who is supporting the service?” is a question that often gets overlooked.

LRS software solves many problems and runs very reliably year in and year out. If you have properly integrated our products into the high availability and disaster recovery plan for your organization, you are way ahead of the curve. However, you can’t just lock the door and throw away the keys. Organizations change all the time. Printers, offices, even whole divisions come and go. “Business as Usual” involves managing constant small changes.

In the previous Blog article, we answered the question, “who is running the service?” More specifically, we covered “who will be managing it?” and “who is supporting the service?” In this final article of the series, we will discuss what it takes to build the Cloud Print and Scan solution including the architecture, execution, and management of the solution.

The good news is that you have options when it comes to how and where to run the software. For some, this means using LRS software off-premise and running under Microsoft Azure. In this scenario, LRS is hosting the Enterprise Cloud Print and Scan infrastructure under Azure. LRS takes on the responsibility of monitoring the health of the Cloud infrastructure and making appropriate recommendations or configuration changes. The goal is to provide better support and scale to meet our client’s business needs. We also build the entire system and integrate it into your Enterprise.

LRS provides the day-to-day operational 'business as usual' (BAU) functions in terms of add, change, and delete requests, as well as providing support for the global output management service. LRS also monitors the LRS software applications, providing guidance and recommendations, with the service governed by LRS Support Level Agreements (SLAs), to deliver an optimum balance between availability, cost, and responsiveness.

The LRS Cloud Software Services offering is based upon a modular set of packaged building blocks, where services can be tailored to fulfil the specific requirements of our customers and partners. Our services range from standard technical implementation and migration consultancy services all the way to LRS application management, platform hosting, support and change management for those LRS Cloud based applications.

There are some distinct advantages that come with LRS managed/hosted solutions. You don’t have to worry about staffing subject matter experts on output management. We’ve got four decades of experience in the field and have instant access to a worldwide network of support and development staff who have seen it all. What’s more, the LRS Managed Services offering is ISO27001 compliant. You may be asking yourself, what does that mean? According to Mark Waldis, the Manager of EOM Security and Compliance:

“It’s a certification telling customers that LRS has a controlled/managed/secured environment established to support our EOM software. LRS has done extensive work to establish foundational policies, standards, and procedures to govern our Managed Service offering. Customers can trust LRS to provide world-class Output Management support whether that’s on the customer network, in the customer's cloud, or it's hosted by LRS in Azure.”  

As you can see, LRS takes pride in making sure a customer’s environment is as secure as possible. This trickles down into our technicians’ daily work. Ty Kesselring, an Output Management Technician who works with the Managed Services team, had this to say about our ISO27001 certification:

“Being ISO27001 certified means we are laying out a framework for ourselves that we need to adhere to. Not only are we checking our processes and methodologies against the ISO27001 standard, but it also sets us up to do self-checks to make sure we are doing everything required of a Managed Services provider. Maintaining this standard and its processes are key in making sure the service we are offering customers is always up-to-date, and that we are putting our best foot forward in everything we do as the Managed Services team.”

For more information about the benefits of ISO27001 certification, feel free to check out the ISO website here:

ISO - ISO/IEC 27001 and related standards — Information security management

As we end this series on Cloud Print and Scanning, I realize we’ve given you a lot of information to absorb. You may be wondering whether running LRS software in an off-premise Cloud environment under Microsoft Azure is the right solution for you. That is a great question, and one that only you can answer.

We do offer other options that may better suit your Cloud needs. When you partner with LRS to develop an optimal Cloud-based document environment, our skilled services professionals will conduct discovery discussions to help you find the best fit.

Regardless of your output management challenge, LRS has you covered. No question is too trivial and no document challenge is too difficult to overcome. Simply contact LRS, explain your requirements and we will be glad to help.

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