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About Brent Black

Brent is currently responsible for product management in LRS’ Enterprise Output Management business unit. This involves working closely with sales, marketing and development organizations to monitor competitive movements and market trends; validate and prioritize product requirements; define the product portfolio and future roadmap; and identify new business opportunities for investment. Prior to joining LRS, Brent worked in IBM’s printer business for nearly 20 years, where he held several executive positions in marketing, sales and services. In total, Brent has spent over 35 years in the printing and output management industry.

Hey, Can I Get a Little Self-Service Here?

In today’s business world, two things are certain: companies want to save as much money as possible and workers demand more freedom in how they do their jobs. So it is no surprise that IT organizations are rushing to invest in “self-service” capabilities that let users control aspects of technology once deemed far too complex or risky to entrust to average employees. Self service printing is simply one of those.

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