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PageCenterX for Open Systems | LRS Output Management

Content Management for Open Systems

PageCenterX® software provides a scalable document and report content management solution that helps users obtain maximum value from information through automated indexing, encryption and advanced search features. PageCenterX/Satellite functionality ensures online access to documents even during network or application outages.

PageCenterX can store and manage important documents and other file types to support vital business processes and compliance efforts. Regardless of how the information is formatted, PageCenterX establishes a single secure facility to store, locate, and view application output and other content quickly using a standard web browser with full auditing capabilities.

Real Customers - Real Metrics

A large electronics retailer saved over $350,000 per year by adopting a view-not-print strategy using PageCenterX. A European manufacturer decreased the time to retrieve invoice data from 16 hours per week to just seconds. 

Import, Index, and Store

PageCenterX enables:

  • Import from any source and storage of any type of data
  • Seamless archive of documents from Microsoft® Word, Excel®or PowerPoint® applications
  • Integration with document imaging devices (e.g., HP® MFPs, Kofax® capture solutions)
  • Automatic indexing of all words in TXT, PDF, RTF, and HTML documents
  • Incorporate external index files from other applications
  • Accommodate unique requirements at import time using custom filter processing
  • Ability to save a single physical copy of a document in multiple logical virtual folders
  • Increased storage efficiency and document security using file compression/ encryption

Search and View

PageCenterX enables:

  • Searching & viewing of documents using a standard web browser interface or "thin" mobile version
  • Control of information access with authority-based searching and viewing
  • Increased user efficiency with customizable views, search criteria, and metadata filters
  • Pinpointing of valuable data with Boolean logic and fuzzy search capabilities
  • Instant working with search results instead of waiting for a full list of search “hits”
  • Previewing of document thumbnails by highlighting items in a search list

Business Process Continuity

The PageCenterX/Satellite extension provides:

  • Automated distribution of critical business documents to remote workstations
  • Integration with the central PageCenterX document server
  • Periodic report synchronization to ensure that users receive only up-to-date information
  • Audit capability for enhanced compliance with governmental and industry regulations

 PageCenterX Support for Industry Standards

  • SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) – Used for communication between various components
  • XML – All component communications use Extensible Markup Language
  • POSIX – Portable Operating System Interface for UNIX®
  • PAM (Pluggable Authentication Module) – Authenticates users via security system of choice (e.g., LDAP, NIS, Active Directory®, etc.)
  • RIJNDAEL – US Federal Government approved Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript® and XML) – Used for exchanging data; increases display speed