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The modern business world relies on instant, universal access to documents and other data. Information producers and consumers share documents through "The Cloud," an omnipresent network layer that seamlessly delivers information when and where it is needed without user intervention.

LRS® Output Management solutions form an enterprise document cloud that lets users submit output from any device or location and retrieve them from any MFP, web browser, email client, or other destination. Organizations can leverage the LRS Document Cloud to deliver output from their legacy applications and other business systems without modifying existing application code. Automated error handling and print driver management lets end users and administrators spend more time using information and less time tinkering with their document infrastructures.

Printing in large virtual desktop or hypervisor/terminal server environments is often problematic, due to their heavy reliance on Windows® Print Servers. The highly-scalable LRS Output Management solution handles both front-end and back-end printing while eliminating the need for these troublesome servers. Result? According to recent research, customers report more than 480% ROI and a breakeven period of just 6 months.

For more information about LRS Output Management software, see the resources to the right or contact our document experts.

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