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Secure and Reliable Remote Printing over the Internet

Internet-Enabled Printing Solutions

LRS® software has always helped organizations deliver documents from critical business applications to printers and other output destinations on the corporate network. But today, many organizations are looking to run line-of-business applications in the Cloud, shifting the bulk of their network traffic from the internal WAN to the public Internet.

How can they maintain control of sensitive document-based data, once they eliminate the firewalls that used to protect access to documents and devices?

How can they remotely print over the internet in the office, out of the office or working from home?

Internet Printing and Scanning explained

The LRS Internet Printing solution brings the legendary reliability and security of our output management suite to the world of Internet-based document delivery in pursuit of an ambitious goal:

  • Support all print and scan features currently available in the on-premise corporate network environment…
  • Using the Public Internet as the infrastructure that connects the data center, print devices and users…
  • While leveraging proven encryption and user authentication/authorization protocols to ensure security 

LRS Internet Printing helps organizations eliminate network-related expenses associated with VPN software and hardware, WAN expansion, and leased lines. Click the links below to discover ways your organization can leverage the public Internet while reducing cost, complexity, and security risk.

Public Internet printing from remote office Remote Office Print and Scan
Home office Print and Scan Home Office Print and Scan
Roaming Users Print and Scan Roaming User Print and Scan