I'm just too old. This is becoming apparent in so many ways as I get, er, older.

I got into a conversation with one of our developers this morning about video games. It turns out that people not much younger than me bought home computers to ‘game’ on back in the eighties. At that time, I was already working with business machine hardware and didn't feel inclined to have computers at home as well to play with, much less to try programming them. Who knew?

Apparently, the whole gaming thing is now quite a significant business. Fancy. Another thing that has passed me by is podcasting. Ever since my days as a rather dull teenager, I've always been a big radio listener, particularly speech radio of which the fullest and finest flowering is BBC Radio 4 here in the UK. I get to hear the programs as they go out, or when they are repeated at different times later in the week, so I've never felt the need to engage with podcasts. But apparently, they are quite a thing with younger people, whom one might suppose were only interested in video by now. They all have such busy lives!

So imagine my bemusement (over and above the background bemusement that comes with age) when I was asked to make a podcast for Buyers Lab International. The subject was to be the thing I can talk about for hours: LRS CloudPrint® software. As it turned out, all we got was a concise 12 minutes or so, as the interviewers work to a well-defined framework of conversation which includes some positioning of the service against the competition, the market we are looking to sell into, what the software does, and so on.

That’s probably just as well, as I would likely have wandered off and ended up talking about something else altogether. So if, like me, you didn’t know a great deal about the Cloud until relatively recently, you can get a brief introduction into what we're doing there. Simply check out the Buyers Lab International podcast on the subject of LRS CloudPrint (which has already won one of their awards, by the way) by clicking here.

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