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Next Generation Managed Print Services

Looking beyond toner, cost per page and MFP's

Managed Print Services are great.  If you’re a large organization and you don’t currently have a Managed Print Service arrangement, you should definitely consider the advantages. 

Typically, the first Managed Print Service you implement will focus on your office or workplace environment.  Together with your chosen vendor, they will work with you to assess, design and implement the optimal printer infrastructure and services model for your business. 

The first implementation step will likely be to identify proprietary, often expensive-to-operate single function printers. These will be replaced with efficient MFP’s to reduce the overall cost per page. Together with the management and automation of consumables, most businesses see a cost saving of between 20 and 30%.  The problem is you can't see this cost reduction again because your now your printer fleet is optimized.  

So how can LRS help in your next generation MPS?

More cost savings

Eliminate print services and printer specific hardware

LRS software creates a single service layer for print and output management.  This eliminates the need for redundant print servers and printer-specific hardware such as barcode and font DIMMs.

By managing all printing with a single instance of LRS software, you also facilitate centralized accounting of documents across your organization. This enables LRS customers to generate audit reports for cost accounting, print reduction and printer consolidation projects.

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Document security

End-to-end encryption and pull printing authentication

The LRS pull print solution allows end-to-end encryption of documents from the client to the printer to ensure that sensitive information remains confidential. 

The LRS pull print solution manages and tracks delivery of the document to the printer, assuring delivery until the last page is in the output tray. It also allows the document to be requested from a different printer after a printer error without any user or help desk intervention and whilst creating an accurate audit trail. Other solutions consider a file to have printed when it has been received by a Windows print queue or printer but not actually printed.    

If a printer error such as a jam or insufficient toner or paper condition occurs whilst a pull print is in progress, the LRS solution can be configured to ensure that the remaining pages are not automatically printed when the error is later resolved and a different user is standing at the printer.

The LRS pull print solution enables authentication via a card reader, a personal code, or a combination of both. LRS provides ‘embedded’ clients for a wide range of printer vendors and models, which allows selection of print documents from a list via the printer console. An external card reader solution is available for any printer without a suitable console and an LRS Web App also allows authenticated print file release from any mobile device with a browser.
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Printer vendor independence

Move MPS vendors easily with no loss of service for your stakeholders

LRS software runs as a single middleware service layer, providing printing services to your all your organization's printers.  

If you decide to replace or change your printer vendor, you can simply unplug the LRS software from one vendor and plug it in to your new chosen vendor.  If you decide to keep your old printers, LRS can manage and support mixed fleets for ultimate business flexibility.

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Innovation and improved end user experience

Add additional services like mobile, VDI or policy printing

With LRS as your single service layer for output and print management you can now simply add on additional services like:

LRS Virtual Session Printer Agent (VSPA) software lets IT administrators associate users, printers, and terminals in an intelligent manner to ensure the successful deployment of VDI environments across the enterprise.

LRS Mobile Connector software extends the reach of the LRS software to handle printing from tablet computers, smartphones, and other mobile devices. 

LRS Policy Printing solutions help organizations develop and enforce rules that help them save money and print responsibly. Documents are routed to the most cost-effective device based on administrator-defined rules.

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Extending your MPS to the back office

Include application printing such as ERP or Mainframe your MPS

In most enterprise organizations, only a proportion of printing is done in the "workplace" or the "office" environment.  With LRS software, you can extend all of the benefits you get to your back office printing and standardize your IT services.

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