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Case Studies
Pull Printing
Case Studies

Case Study: Government Institution

With Cirrato One, this government institution got control over their entire print fleet with just one server and implemented a secure pull print solution. Employees enjoy a unified user experience when printing across the organization.

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Case Studies

Case Study: NCC (construction)

With Cirrato One, NCC could remove 60 print servers. They have 18,000 users, spread amongst 550 offices and 3,000 building sites. It is vital that printing is available to them at all times and with Cirrato they have maximum redundancy.

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Case Studies

LRS Customer Solutions for Secure Printing

Overview of how LRS software products have been implemented to ensure safe delivery and handling of output in the enterprise environment

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Cloud Printing

SaaS, PaaS or to run your own Cloud Printing Solution on Premise

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Managed Services

Print Scan and Output Management Cloud Service

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SAP Output Management

SAP Certified Scan, Print and Output Management

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EMR Output

Improving healthcare printing & document delivery for faster, better patient care

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