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Self Service Printing Portal | LRS Output & Print Management

Self Service Printing Portal

Installing printers can potentially be a difficult process. One that often requires helpdesk interference. The process of finding and installing printers can be improved with a ‘end user self service portal’ also referred to as ‘self installation portal’ or ‘printer portal’. These tools enable employees to quickly find and install the printer(s) of their choice. Whether this is a one time process or a recurring one, it greatly reduces the time and resources required to complete the installation.

Print Management solutions like LRS have this portal as part of the offering. A standard feature which is part of a set that facilitates access to printers. The LRS Self Service Printer Installation Portal is a part of the corporate intranet or extranet and allows end-users to find the nearby devices and corresponding capabilities on a floor map. A single click installs the printer and makes it instantly available. On the administrator end the IT staff can use the intuitive wizard to upload new or different floor maps and drop printer icons where the printers are located. This single act avoids the need for a traditional set up and repeat process for each server.

Benefits for end-users

What capabilities can the Self Service Printing Portal provide for your employees?

  • Locate printing devices on floor maps
  • View and select printers based on location and capability
  • Install printers with a single click
  • Delete printers that are no longer used
  • Easily connect to printers at any office location
  • Simple access: the portal is part of the corporate intranet, not a separate tool

Benefits for IT

What capabilities can the Self Service Printing Portal provide for IT administrators?

  • Intuitive wizard for uploading floor maps
  • Drag and drop printer icons to place printers
  • Printer definitions are automatically transferred
  • No repeat process, just one portal to manage for all printers
  • Customizable and multilingual interface
Floor plan

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