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LRS Output Management for SAP | SAP Printing with LRS

Output Management for SAP

In conjunction with SAP, LRS has developed a fully integrated, web-based software solution that replaces nearly all of a customer’s existing incumbent print server infrastructure and specialized hardware. This results in: 

  • Significant cost savings for hardware and infrastructure 
  • Simplified SAP operations, implementation- and consolidation projects
  • Automated document workflow and intelligent document bundling 
  • Reduction in administration and helpdesk resources
  • Optimized SAP printing including SAP label printing, SAP barcode printing
  • Fully UNICODE compliant.

LRS® Output Management for SAP - VPSX/OutputManager - is platform- and device-independent, so it won’t matter if you want to change printer providers, upgrade Windows versions, or start using cloud or virtualized desktops. LRS software can be extended to include your entire output landscape from mainframe systems through all open systems applications to create a single standard middleware platform for output.

Integration with SAP

The solution transforms native SAP GOF / OTF formats into printer-ready data streams with required inline font characters (e.g., Unicode) and barcodes, thus eliminating the need for costly printer add-on hardware modules.  SAP developed its External Output Management (BC-XOM) interface to offer a scalable alternative to problematic native OS-based document facilities. VPSX/OutputManager software leverages the BC-XOM interface to provide reliable end-to-end document delivery and status feedback from the SAP user interface to the printed page.

LRS software integrates with SAP document composition tools SAPscript and/or SAP SmartForms as well as other 3rd party tools such as OpenText™ StreamServe® to ensure we effectively manage your entire output landscape.

Extending SAP Output Management

Transforming your SAP Printing?

Please fill in your details in the form to learn how LRS can transform your SAP printing and output management. Alternatively, take at look as some of our Learn More documents and videos.

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