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Printer Management | LRS Output & Print Management

Printer Management

At LRS, our philosophy is that ‘printing should just work.’ It sounds simple enough, right? Not all printer management software solutions are created equal though.

LRS printer management tools and solutions automate the process of installing, configuring, and maintaining print drivers across the entire network landscape of an enterprise. The software acts as a centralized driver repository allowing your administrators to manage and deploy pre-configured versions of those drivers tested to work with the devices on your network. Printer management becomes much easier and more efficient with these tools.

Printer management software should also help your organization simplify IT services. Studies show 25 to 50 percent of help desk calls are print related. Not having the right printer management tool can cause your organization to incur increased support costs and user downtime, and ultimately lead to missed service level agreements, unhappy customers, and a negative impact on the bottom line.

LRS software simplifies printer management concerns. Our solutions minimize the need to involve support staff for document-related problems. A recent study indicates that customers running LRS Output Management software experienced 41% more efficient printer management, 80% less printer user support and 99% less unplanned downtime. Printer management tools matter in an organization that relies on output.

Other valuable aspects of printer management tools include:

  • Pull printing solutions that require user authentication for job release
  • Print accounting and auditing that allows you to control and manage output and print costs
  • Ability to reduce manual processes and ensure compliance

If you’ve been considering printer management tools for your enterprise, let LRS show you how we can customize our printer manager software solutions for your individual organization.

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