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Print Monitoring | LRS Output & Print Management

Print Monitoring

Printing can be vital to a large enterprise when dealing with business critical documents. When devices fail to print, the process to find and resolve the problem can be long and costly. There are solutions that help monitor printers, but these are mostly targeted to regular desktop printing. Which is interesting as the processes that businesses rely on most for printing, are those that include applications such as SAP. Problem resolution is one of the most important reasons to look into output management solutions that can monitor printing and offer a centralized approach towards problem resolution.

Insight into and reducing print cost is often a close second reason to invest in print management. Closely monitoring the print infrastructure can help gain insight into device usage, cost and (excessive) printing behavior on a department or user level. Knowing the facts helps make smarter business decisions. It can help determine a print policy, set up print rules or make the choice to consolidate the print fleet.

LRS Print Monitoring

What capabilities can print and printer monitoring software provide?

  • Central print monitoring and printer monitoring for simplified IT services and quick error detection/resolution
  • Reporting and print auditing of how much/what type of printing your organization is doing
  • Monitor printing and printer usage for internal printer consolidation projects
  • Print cost accounting
  • Policy printing creation and rollout
  • Print monitoring for security and compliance
  • The ability to manage vendor relations with Managed Print Services (MPS) Providers

The LRS ® Output Management software is a unique solution that provides a standardized IT service layer for all your digital document output and hardcopy printing. Our software is a platform-independent solution for managing printing from mobile to mainframe and everything in-between. LRS software centrally manages and monitors printing enabling organizations to eliminate most of their incumbent print infrastructure such as Windows® Print Servers and specialist printer hardware. LRS software is proven to substantially reduce costs, simplify IT services and improve end user experience.

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