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Policy Printing

Smarter print options with LRS Policy Printing

Many organizations still look at printing costs as a necessary overhead. However, these costs do tend to amount to quite a lot. Policy Printing (also referred to as Rules Based Printing) is a simple way to reduce these costs and optimize printing throughout the organization. A print policy helps implement a set of print rules which can either be suggested or enforced. When the rules are not enforced, end users are made aware of the cost of the print job on their selected device. They are presented with more cost-efficient print options as well. This increases their awareness and helps them choose the best device for the print job. When rules are enforced the end-user is simply notified of the changed settings without them being able to make changes to them.

The most common print rules are:

  • Duplex versus simplex
  • Monochrome versus color
  • EconoMode* versus regular print mode

The rules can be applied to certain users, user groups, specified printers, time of day and more. This offers great flexibility in how to set up the policy and limits potential problems when someone needs to print a certain document in a way that falls outside of the policy. For example:

  • An HR employee needs to print contracts simplex. Her department is excluded from the print policy. That way she is certain that she can always print official documents the way that is needed.
  • Sales Managers often stay late and prepare for external meetings. During the day they can request manager approval for printing color. After business hours they are allowed to print color without manager approval to avoid them being unable to prepare for their meetings.

Policy Printing & Direct IP Printing

Policy printing can also be implemented in a Direct IP Printing environment where print jobs are sent straight from the user workstation to the printer. The system checks if rules need to be applied before the file is sent to the printer.

Besides a set of print rules, lower cost options for nearby printers can also be part of the policy. If a user chooses to print to a desktop device, the system can notify that user of alternatives such as the high volume MFP in the hallway. 

*EconoMode – a setting available on selected devices that prints drafts, emails or other documents that are likely to be discarded of. Devices with this setting enabled use less toner/ink.

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