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LRS Front to End Output Management

A print management solution for enterprise wide printing

A 2018 IDC study revealed that 60-70% of enterprises have one or more print management systems in place. For many of those organizations, the goal is to reduce the cost associated with Windows printing; not surprising, as most managed print service providers focus on that part of the business. At the same time, other dedicated teams are responsible for managing output from business-critical applications.

We have witnessed highly complex IT infrastructures with different teams managing various sorts of output. In these environments, Windows print servers were implemented left and right to spool output generated in SAP, healthcare EMRs or other systems. By choosing this setup for managing printing, the company wanted helpdesk staff to be alerted in case of a print failure. This notification could be the start of a rather complex investigation about where the process failed. Was it the application itself? Was it the print server? Or did the actual printing device malfunction?

Business-critical applications are so named for good reason: they are critical to your enterprise. In order for business to continue, documents need to be printed… quickly and reliably. At LRS, we believe that shared management of Windows printing and business-critical printing can only result in unnecessary problems and delays. Adding more and more Windows print servers further adds to the complexity and increases operational cost.

One solution to manage all output: VPSX Enterprise

LRS offers a solution that reduces complexity and helps establish cost savings by eliminating the need for additional hardware or the involvement of specialist teams. VPSX Enterprise software functions as a middle layer between all applications, as well as Windows, VDI, and Mobile printing. It monitors, controls and reports on printing from any source to any destination. It can track and report on the status of print jobs, and in case of document failure, it can notify the end user so he or she can quickly get the output printed in another way.

The benefit of VPSX Enterprise software for helpdesk staff is that it will help quickly identify problems and will only require them to request assistance from the applications teams if absolutely necessary. In addition, there is no need to have multiple Windows print servers to manage output from non-Windows applications.

In summary:

  • LRS manages printing from any source to any destination, eliminating the need for multiple print management solutions and multiple Windows print servers.
  • Delays caused by printing errors can be prevented by instantly notifying end users if a document cannot be printed.
  • Troubleshooting is quick and easy with a centralized control point that provides an overview of all company wide printing. Errors can be identified and resolved without the unnecessary involvement of costly resources.

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