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The LRS Alternative for Broadcom CA Archives

Replace your legacy archive and improve your bottom line

If you since long have had an archive such as CA View / CA Deliver / CA Bundl / CA Dispatch (formerly by CA Technologies, now owned by Broadcom), chances are you pay an extensive sum for your licensing fees. Many large organizations that have moved away from CA archiving solutions have done so when they were confronted with a renewal that carried a high cost. Since the Broadcom acquisition, this cost has increased immensely according to the many enterprises that went looking for alternatives.

The main reason why organizations look into replacing their CA archive, is the price increase for renewals. They find that switching to a different vendor results into a rapid ROI.

Having used a certain archiving solution such as CA for many years, and most likely even many decades, the fear arises for loss of data when migrating to a different solution. There is no need for such a fear, as migration can be fully handled by the new vendor you select. At LRS we have been migrating archives for over 40 years and have many satisfied customers. We offer:

  • Value for money with a centralized document management solution
  • Ease of use without needing training for your endusers
  • Lower cost of ownership and transparancy for renewals
  • Integration with other software solutions for output management

What is known is often liked and trusted, but when you feel that your Broadcom/CA archive has become overpriced for the value it offers, come talk to the LRS migration experts. They can move you over in a matter of months and offer you a rapid ROI in return.

LRS can help with conversions from other archives as well. To learn more, please check out this page.

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