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Epic Printing | LRS Output Management

LRS Output Management for Epic

Printing from Epic, much like printing from any EHR or EMR solution, must first and foremost be secure and reliable. Designed to improve processes for healthcare professionals, Epic is at the core of any administrative task. Third party integrations with other solution providers can help optimize processes. Printing is one area that can benefit from such an integrated workflow. Implementing an output management solution simplifies printing and prevents printing issues that can occur if the IT infrastructure relies on multiple servers, software solutions and/or a variety of hardware. In the case of printing problems patient care and hospital ratings can be affected. More severely, when data security breaches occur, the healthcare facility violates laws that were designed to protect personal information from being exposed. A violation can result in hefty fines. For an industry that deals with sensitive information all day, every day, it is of vital importance that any process that this data is used in, is carefully managed and controlled. This includes printing.

LRS software designed specifically for Epic

What is LRS Output Management for Epic printing? VPSX/EI is a solution designed specifically for Epic. It takes away the need for Windows Print Servers to render output from Epic. Where previously multiple servers were communicating with multiple devices, all output is sent through VPSX/EI and delivered to the printing device. LRS is best described as a middleware that makes any other output related hardware and software redundant.

Using the LRS Output Management software for printing from Epic is safe and reliable. The print job is tracked from submission to delivery and the result is reported back to the medical professional that initiated the print command. This is an important element for those who need to be certain that the output was produced. Especially if it needs to be available for someone other than the person who submitted the print job. The same goes for reprints. Medical facilities have provided us with feedback that issuing a reprint is a much simpler task than before the LRS deployment.

The end of Epic printing issues

Printing lab results, medication lists, patient labels and wristbands, demographics and more is at the core of day to day operations. When problems occur when printing this Epic output it disrupts processes. Medical staff needs to be able to rely on these deliverables to be printed fast and accurately. The LRS print management solution for Epic monitors the output throughout the printing process. If an issue occurs, the LRS system will either resolve the error or if unable to, notify support staff so processes do not get delayed or keep delays to a minimum.

In the case of a device outage, the print job can be rerouted to other devices and the end-user will be notified. Naturally, when pull printing is enabled, the end-user can choose to print at another device nearby. 

Other benefits to Epic printing with LRS VPSX/EI

  • There are more benefits associated with the fully integrated LRS solution for Epic. It does not rely on Windows spooling and thus eliminates the need for multiple print servers.
  • Centralized control over all printing devices greatly reduces admin time. IT professionals no longer have to document and repeat updates and upgrades to print drivers for each server.
  • The helpdesk portal can quickly identify any hurdles in the print process and find the origin of the error.

LRS has a number of solutions to support medical staff in healthcare environments. Whether it is about printing from EMR/EHR systems or sharing data in digital format, LRS can help.

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