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LRS Output Management

Centralized Printer Management

Centralized Printer Management

Managing printing devices can be a time consuming task for IT professionals. Setting up devices, monitoring them and troubleshooting in case of problems. In environments with multiple print servers, it can be rather complex to create and configure print queues and manage print drivers. Plus, each time an update needs to be performed, this update would need to be documented and applied to all servers.

And in the case of troubleshooting printer problems, it can require an on-site presence. This can result in high costs for something that could also be resolved remotely. Effectively managing printers, print jobs and print queues from one central location will reduce operating costs and impact your bottom line.

How LRS Centralized Printer Management Works...

Using VPSX Enterprise, IT professionals manage the entire print environment from one central location. Whether an organization has tens, hundreds or thousands of printers. Our tools help the IT department to set up and manage printers within a fraction of the time it took them before. They can easily navigate through the LRS interface and find a printer that either needs troubleshooting, an update or a different configuration.

And the best part is that all changes only need to be applied once. A new driver (version) will be uploaded once and it will instantly be available for the entire organization. Not only will LRS print management reduce operating costs and time spent on managing the print environment, it will also reduce the margin for error.

With LRS solutions, managing printers becomes an easy to do task that does not require an on site presence at each office location. Instead, all printers – regardless of the total number of devices – will be managed from a central location.

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