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"…Managers can quickly scan or search text online for exceptional levels of use. That increases productivity. By going electronic, we get rid of many costs including unnecessary printing, manual handling, and delayed or lost reports." Joe Wagner, North Broward Hospital District

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Citrix Printing

Many organizations deploy XenDesktop and XenApp software as a means of providing a secure, standardized workplace environment with minimal administrative overhead. However, printing from Citrix desktops and applications can be complicated, especially in environments with various types of thin/zero client terminals.

Users can lose access to printer definitions and settings after logging out. Deploying and updating printer drivers can be complex. These and other Citrix printing problems increase the administrative burden and impact user productivity.

Virtual Session Printer Agent (VSPA) Citrix printing solutions from LRS help IT administrators easily associate users, printers, and terminals in an intelligent manner to ensure reliable Citrix printing across the enterprise. Using a simple yet powerful web-based interface, authorized staff can define printers for end users and thin/zero client terminals and designate which printer is the default device for application printing.

Intelligent management of user- and terminal-specific printer definitions ensures that a worker always has the ability to print to a nearby device, to the printer back in his or her office, or to any required location on the network. The VSPA software minimizes the chance of Citrix printing problems and makes printing from Citrix as reliable as printing from any physical Windows system.

Citrix printing solutions from LRS help your users and IT staff:

  • Simplify the process of Citrix printing by making it easier to define and maintain printers and drivers in a VDI environment
  • Establish a single solution to manage printing from Citrix as well as other enterprise platforms
  • Improve the overall VDI user experience for fewer Citrix printing problems and greater user productivity

How Citrix Printing Works with LRS