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They say you are known by the company you keep. This is one reason why LRS takes such pride in our partnerships, alliances, and the other business relationships we’ve nurtured over the decades. By working with the best professionals in the industry, we feel we are able to provide better service to our customers than we would be able to on our own.

As it turns out, others feel the same way about LRS.

For years, LRS has been a Platinum partner in the HP JetAdvantage Partner Program. At this year’s partner event, LRS received the prestigious “Quality Excellence” award for our offerings based on survey responses from HP customers. In presenting the award, Ed Wingate, VP & GM, JetAdvantage Solutions, noted that customer survey scores for the LRS group had increased year-over-year across all HP regions.

"Quality manifests itself in non-quantitative outcomes too," Wingate said. "The feedback from field teams, both technical and non-technical, is positive across all three regions. And the growing confidence that these field teams has in the quality of this solution is driving positive financial outcomes as well."

LRS Vice President Robert Blanchet has been working closely with HP for over a decade. He received feedback from HP staff indicating that the Quality Excellence award reflects not only product quality, but also reflects the way LRS conducts business in all aspects of customer engagement. From the sales and support teams in North America, Europe, and other regions to the LRS developers in California and Springfield, everyone has worked hard to make the LRS-HP relationship a success.

"I’m extremely proud of the way our people have supported this relationship," Robert said. "Thanks to everyone that has gone the extra mile to make this work.”

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