Last week, we returned to one of our favorite customer events, the 2017 SAP TechEd show. Following this year’s Star Trek-themed Keynote address (starring SAP Executive VP Björn Goerke as the captain of the Starship crew), thousands of attendees beamed down to the trade show floor to explore strange new worlds of software solutions and exhibitor tchotchkes.

Several hundred SAP customers boldly went where thousands have gone before — straight to the iceberg-themed LRS software booth. There, visitors were encouraged to do some deep thinking about their printing challenges.

Common printing problems like printer jams and wasted paper are just the tip of the output management iceberg. The bulk of an organization’s printing expense is due to problems far below the surface. Reducing consumables can save thousands of dollars, but eliminating dozens or hundreds of print servers can make a far larger impact on an organization’s bottom line.

Some of the most common questions were whether the ice was real (it is) and whether the attendees can touch it/lick it/break some off to cool down their drinks (answers: yes, no, and “seriously?”). There were also countless questions about VPSX software integration with SAP and LRS’ support for Cloud printing… possibly due to our location right next to the Google Cloud booth and this year’s emphasis on SAP HANA.

The end of the show left some of our folks in a downright abominable mood. But all in all, it was a fabulous event, and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone again next year. 

SAP TechEd with LRS

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