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While they’re not answering customer questions or doing in-house testing of future products, our systems engineers are usually helping customers deploy our solutions in real-world environments. In the process, LRS professional services staff have developed tools to enhance the integration of VPSX software with Adobe Document Server and HP Exstream document composition solutions.

LRS extensions for Adobe Document Server (ADS) greatly simplify the task of configuring and maintaining printer definitions in SAP and ADS. In addition to saving IT administrator time, these extensions simplify operation of the print environment and reduce errors. They also enable files to be rerouted and reprinted on different VPSX-managed devices without modifying SAP applications or ADS configurations.


The VPSX Exstream filter program can be used to send input files from a VPSX queue to the HP Exstream document composition product and receive a formatted file, metadata and status messages from Exstream in return. The filter program uses Simple Objected Access Protocol (SOAP) and HTTP to communicate with the HP Exstream Enterprise Web Services (EWS) component.

Combined with VPSX software’s capability for bi-directional communication to print devices and many business applications, this filter program gives IT administrators a single place for tracking all aspects of application output.




These are just two examples of composition tools for which LRS teams have developed standardized integration options to help customers address their output challenges. Integration options for a wide range of other composition tools are also available, including Streamserve Persuasion, Formscape, Jetform, Xpression, Invaris, Assentis, IKON, Cartago Live & DoXite.

For information about a tool used in your own environment, feel free to contact us, and we’ll be happy to help!

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