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LRS began support for Java in 2007 when the Java Print Submission API was added to its VPSX® output/print management solution. This API library supported certain functional capabilities and enabled Java applications to communicate directly with VPSX software using the IPP (Internet Printing Protocol) interface. However, it did not use the standard attribute set available in the Java Print Service API. Recent developments have made this possible.

The VPSX Java Print Service (JPS) API allows Java developers a standard way to integrate their applications with LRS’ VPSX Enterprise Output Management solution. Whereas in the past, developers would need to make code-level changes anywhere a print operation occurred, now existing code is used by simply calling the VPSX JPS libraries in place of the standard Java Print libraries.

The VPSX JPS library is an implementation of both a VPSX IPP client and a partial implementation of Oracle’s Java Print Service API. Together, they provide an extensive set of functionalities for printing and communicating with VPSX in Java via IPP and IPPS. Most JPS attributes are supported, but there are some attributes that just don’t make sense in a VPSX server environment. Jason Mock, LRS Lead Developer on the project explains, “The supported standard attributes are a subset of the attributes specified by the [Oracle] Java Print Service API ... this is [because] a VPSX queue represents a high-level abstraction of a print device, of which certain device specific details are not relevant.”

The VPSX Java Print Service API implementation follows the Java API specification, including the IPP client. Capabilities and features include:

  • Requesting of available print queues from VPSX using the API’s standard lookup mechanism.
  • Creation and submission of print jobs to those print queues, again using the API defined mechanisms.
  • Injection of the VPSX lookup at run-time via the Java Print Service API’s ‘ServiceLoader’ class support.
  • VPSX-centric attributes that follow the same attribute and syntax API as specified by the Java Print Service API.
  • Support for IPPS using the built-in Java KeyStore (JKS) for certificate trusts.

The VPSX Java Print Service API offers myriad benefits for application administrators. For example:

  • By printing through VPSX software rather than directly to a printer, the burden of document delivery is removed from the application.
  • The VPSX solution provides assured delivery of documents to their destination as well as email notification alerts should an issue arise.
  • Helpdesk operators can troubleshoot print related errors from the VPSX console without escalating to level-2 support, often with the issue being resolved in a single support call.
  • Authorized users can reroute output to alternate printers without having to make application changes.

To learn more about incorporating Java Print Service support in your own applications, please contact LRS for additional details. We’ll be happy to help!

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