There are many benefits of using a pull printing solution. Some of them are obvious, but others are not so obvious. Here we have compiled of the most important benefits.

Reduce printing waste

As people print on shared printers, they often have to get up and walk to the printer to pick up their documents. But often, they get interrupted or want to pick up the document later when they have finished something they are currently busy with. What happens, though, is that they often forget it, and when they remember and rush to the printer, the document has been recycled and they have to print again.

Improved printing security

Confidential documents can fall into the wrong hands and important information can leak if the wrong person sees the printed documents. Pull printing makes it possible for the organization to produce printed documents securely even on shared printers, thereby avoiding information to leak to unauthorized personnel. Therefore, pull printing equals secure printing.

Remove local printers

Local printers are often kept for security purposes (see point 2). But with pull printing implemented, security is maintained even when printing on shared printers, so all those expensive local printers can be removed.

Improved end user productivity

Without pull printing, each time a document is printed the employee has to rush to the printer and pick up the documents before someone else does. And even worse, if the printers are out of order time is wasted and frustration spreads in the organization. But with pull printing, the employee can print as many documents as they wish, have it waiting for them in the queue, and pick it all up in bulk later (for example when coming back from lunch). And if a printer is not functioning properly, he or she can simply walk up to another printer and pick up the documents there instead of being forced to print it all again.

Fewer printer related helpdesk calls

A less obvious point, perhaps, but important nonetheless. With less frustrated employees (see point 4), there will be less calls to the helpdesk. Instead of having angry employees who have wasted a lot of time calling the helpdesk and complaining, most of them will simply walk to another printer and pick up their documents there instead. So helpdesk can work out the problem without the many interruptions from frustrated employees.

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