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Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.

LRS Emergency Support for LRS Products

What is Emergency Support?

Emergency Support is available for any critical problem; one which is causing or threatens to cause a material disruption to a customer’s business operations. For customers who experience critical problems outside of normal LRS support hours, LRS offers emergency phone support 24 hours per day, every day of the year, with a response time of two hours or less.

Whom Should I Contact?

For fastest resolution of a critical problem, you should contact the following LRS support resources:

  • During business hours — the support team at your local LRS office or authorized distributor (see map for details)
  • The nearest LRS office that is currently open and can speak your language
  • Our English-speaking 24x7x365 Emergency Support team at LRS headquarters in Springfield, Illinois USA. Dial (217) 793-3800 and follow the voice prompts to contact one of our on-call support staff.

Generate Emergency Keys

Licensed customers who are registered in our Internet Customer Support System can generate emergency keys in case one or more LRS products is in immediate danger of shutting down during non-LRS business hours.

Emergency keys generated from this screen are not CPU dependent, which means they will work for the product in question on any CPU. Keys are only valid for one 5-day emergency period.

Login and generate emergency keys

Become a member of the Internet Customer Support System

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