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Affiliate Printing Solutions - secure printing over public internet

Affiliate Printing Solutions

Seamless data sharing is critical in the modern workplace environment. This is true of communications both within an organization and between corporate partners and other affiliates. For example, you may have trusted partners and other parties who need access to your line-of-business systems from outside your corporate firewall. Or perhaps you have remote workers who connect to your business applications across the public Internet. All of them want to print in a simple, reliable, and secure manner.

How do you extend the reach of your corporate print infrastructure beyond the firewalls you’ve built to protect it?

The LRS Affiliate Printing solution lets you define, manage, and support print devices outside your corporate network in a similar manner to those within your enterprise. Robust encryption and a lightweight, LRS-managed Cloud messaging layer let you easily enable remote print over Internet connections. Secure Internet printing of back-end application output is finally a reality.

For organizations investigating how to remotely print over the Internet, LRS Affiliate Printing software can help them:

  • Save Money by eliminating the need for leased lines, WAN expansion, or VPN software and hardware. This lets you focus on protecting your data instead of the network and enable secure printing over the Internet.
  • Reduce complexity by managing the print jobs and devices of your external users right alongside those of your internal ones. This improves administrators’ ability to control and track jobs and simplifies troubleshooting.
  • Improve Security through robust encryption that protects documents while at rest on your server, while moving across the open Internet, and in the remote LAN where your affiliate’s printers reside.

If you are wondering how to remotely print over the Internet, LRS can help. Our products and services, backed by more than four decades of output management experience, make secure Internet printing a reality. To ensure secure, reliable printing to your affiliates without costly WAN expansion, you can leverage remote print over Internet technology that helps you save money and simplify IT management.

Contact your LRS output management professionals today for secure printing over the Internet.