Archive Conversion and Migration Solutions

Change is constant and it’s occurring faster than ever in the era of laptops, tablets, mobile devices and users, smartphones, along with traditional desktops and workstations. As enterprises that still rely on a legacy mainframe environment look ahead toward a data migration strategy, there are more elements than ever to consider when making this transition; most importantly, your organization’s data. 

Whether an enterprise is migrating from a legacy mainframe to all new hardware and mainframe software solution or simply moving to an updated version, the potential risk for loss of data should be your primary concern when making the decisions regarding your data migration strategy.

Converting and migrating from an existing archive solution to a new one can be a daunting challenge. In addition to installation and training issues comes the need to migrate years or decades worth of archived data from a legacy mainframe. These may be stored in native AFP®, DJDE, or other proprietary formats that must be converted to PDF or alternate file types.

LRS has the tools and expertise to help companies convert their legacy mainframe archive definitions and migrate associated history. Using custom-designed utilities proven in years of engagements, our dedicated conversion teams develop a step-by-step data migration strategy, then work with your stakeholders to successfully execute that plan.

The LRS migration team has developed tools to convert the following archive environments: 

CA® Dispatch
CA Bundl
Mantissa® RMS
CA View & CA Deliver
(a.k.a. SAR & Express)
IBM Content Manager OnDemand
(CMOD) for z/OS®
(a.k.a. Mobius® InfoPac®)

BMC Control-D for z/OS
ASG-ViewDirect® for Networks
RSD Folders®
LaserArc Systemware® X/PTR
OpenText™ Vista Plus®
(a.k.a. Quest Vista Plus)
Columbus DW & Columbus R
(Macro4, a division of UNICOM)

Beta 93

All Project Managers, System Engineers, and Conversion Specialists working on the conversion team are LRS employees, each with over 20 years of IT experience. With more than a decade of archive conversion and data migration projects under our belts, we know that no two conversions are identical. Our ability to custom tailor our tools and processes to your unique requirements is a key factor in your data migration project's success.

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