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Enterprise Output Management | LRS Output Management

Enterprise Output Management

LRS® Enterprise Output Management solutions handle all aspects of document capture, delivery, storage, and accounting. Our software runs as a seamless, robust middleware solution that is both highly scalable and easily implemented.

Our industry-leading document solution works for organizations of any size or sector. It enables our customers to greatly simplify their document-related IT infrastructures and save money on hardware, software, and manpower - all while improving IT service levels.

The solution is designed to manage output from any platform, in any format, to any physical or electronic destination. LRS software supports the entire output landscape from custom mainframe applications, business systems such as SAP® applications, Healthcare applications or Microsoft® Office applications running in UNIX®, Linux®, Windows®, and other environments.

LRS Enterprise Output Management software

VPSX® software designed for AIX®, HP-UX®, Linux®, and Windows platforms.

DRS™ and VPS® software solutions designed for the mainframe.

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