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Are there any guidelines as to the use of anti-virus software for Drivve | DM ?

Yes, there are such guidelines. These concern directories, files and ports to be excluded and are listed in this FAQ.

Drivve | DM Version 9.0 and higher


The following directories are part of Drivve | DM
  • Drivve | DM program folder, default C:\Program Files(x86)\Drivve\Drivve DM
  • Drivve | DM database folder, default C:\Drivve DM-Database


The following applications are part of Drivve | DM
  • XmlServer.exe
  • DrivveDmHtmlService.exe
  • DrivveDmProxyService.exe
  • WindowsServiceWrapper.exe
  • Javaw.exe
  • Java.exe
  • Redis-Server.exe
  • DrivveDmSearchHelper.exe


The following ports are used by Drivve | DM
  • 8081
  • 8082