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PrintEvolve Express | Capella Products

PrintEvolve Express

This basic suite is ideal for organizations that are looking to monitor and analyze printer and MFP activity, provide greater mobility and flexibility for end users, and manage access to MFP copy, scan and fax functions.

  • Site and device analysis
  • Dynamic print routing (DPR) - Pull Print
  • Basic MFP rights management/authentication
  • Job tracking and accounting

Overview of the PrintEvolve

PrintEvolve Express

Site and Device Analysis

Suppose you’ve decided that you want to reduce your printing costs, or utilize your printers more efficiently, or run your business in a more environmentally friendly manner.

With PrintEvolve, you can analyze your current printing activity and hardware assets to find opportunities to align your printing fleet with your organizational goals. PrintEvolve collects an array of printer and mfp device usage data – from pages printed and paper size to color versus monochrome. It also gathers important information about your current printers and mfp devices, including serial number, toner needs and engine count. So you’ll always have the information you need to analyze your current printing activity and develop an effective strategy for achieving future goals.
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Dynamic Print Routing - Pull Print

PrintEvolve‘s Dynamic Print Routing (DPR) component gives end-users the flexibility to retrieve their print jobs whenever and wherever it’s most convenient.

When an end-user prints, DPR stores the print job on the network. The end user can then retrieve the job from any printer on the network at any time, using either a SmartPhone or the device’s front panel display. DPR saves money and promotes “green” printing by eliminating abandoned print jobs. It enhances security by eliminating unattended print jobs. And it boosts productivity by giving end-users the freedom they need to work more efficiently.
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MFP Rights Management

PrintEvolve Professional provides an Intelligent Rights Management (IRM) feature to help network administrators easily control access to MFP copy, fax and scan-to-email functions.

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Job Accounting

PrintEvolve uses MegaTrack to mine the printer and MFP usage data you need to ensure accountability.

MegaTrack provides regular, detailed reports of device activity, making it easy for network administrators to identify cost of printing by departments, groups or users, pinpoint abnormal levels of printing activity and target waste. Using the My Dashboard feature, administrators can also easily create reports customized to the needs of their organization. The available job costing/allocation feature makes it easy for service companies and other organizations to charge costs back to specific clients, projects or cost centers. MegaTrack also offers a quota feature, giving network administrators the ability to proactively curtail excessive printer usage.
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