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Formport Server

Ideal for larger organizations, FormPort® Server streamlines business processes by automatically converting the text-based output from existing line-of-business applications into professional, graphics-rich forms that can be output and distributed via practically any network-attached HP® LaserJet® printer or MFP device in your organization.

  • Network-based solution 
  • Transparent to end-users 
  • Automatically apply form templates based on content
  • Automatically route to specific printers based on content
  • Create and distribute a variety of forms with a single print command 
  • FAX and e-mail distribution options available
  • Electronic archive option available

FormPort Server Overview

Streamline Your Business Processes and Eliminate the Need for Pre-Printed Forms

Streamline your document workflow with FormPort Server. Designed to help your organization save both time and money, FormPort Server makes it easy to:

  • Generate professional-looking documents without the need for expensive pre-printed forms
  • Turn text-based output from line-of-business applications into custom invoices, statements, packing slips and more
  • Intelligently and automatically distribute forms to printers, MFP devices, email and fax servers
  • Seamlessly archive documents
  • Automatically generate multiple forms from the same data

Product Overview

Make the Most of Your Existing Applications

FormPort Server takes the “text-only” output from custom or legacy line of business applications.

FormPort converts it into professional, customized forms that can be output on most HP LaserJet Printers and MFP devices. No need for dedicated printers. No more sourcing, storing and swapping expensive pre-printed forms.

Professional Formatting without Pre-Printed Forms

FormPort Server comes standard with the ability to generate standard “green bar” reports. To create other custom forms, take advantage of our professional eForms design service or our optional FormPort Designer software.

FormPort Server templates let you enhance the “text-only” output from line-of-business applications with a variety of typefaces, font sizes and both color and monochrome graphic elements including:

  • Logos
  • Signatures
  • Barcodes
  • Color
  • Photos

You can even generate money and time-saving self-mailing forms. No more stuffing envelopes! And unlike pre-printed forms, FormPort Server makes responding to changing form requirements both fast and economical. No more boxes of obsolete pre-printed forms!

Automatic Formatting – Just Click “Print”

FormPort Server makes formatting documents as easy as hitting the “print” command.

FormPort Server scans the print-stream data and automatically applies the appropriate eForm. No user intervention required!

Intelligent Form Distribution

In the most business, educational or government environments, it’s quite common for several forms to incorporate the same set of data.

With FormPort server, you can automatically generate and route these forms with a single print command. A product distributor, for instance, could simultaneously format and print a packing slip for its shipping department while it e-mails the same information as a customer invoice.

Scalable to Any Network Environment

FormPort Server is licensed on a per printer/MFP device basis, so you can procure a solution that specifically matches your output needs and budget.

There’s no limit to the number of print processes or users, and no matter how many devices you license, you’ll have full access to all configuration agents. As your organization grows, scaling your FormPort solution is as easy as adding more device licenses.

Solutions for Windows and UNIX Environments

In its standard configuration, FormPort Server supports Microsoft® Windows network environments.

If you need the capabilities of FormPort Server, but you’ve standardized on a UNIX® environment, FormPort Server UNIX lets you take advantage of the automated formatting and distribution capabilities of FormPort Server without the need for a Windows server.

A Complete Forms Automation Solution

Complement FormPort Server with FormPort Designer software, or take advantage of our Forms Design service.

Your representative can help you decide which approach makes the most sense for your organization.

FormPort Designer

If your organization requires a number of different forms, or your forms change frequently, consider investing in FormPort Designer software.

With its “drag and drop” simplicity, FormPort Designer makes it easy to design automated form templates; all you need is a sample output from the desired application. FormPort Designer also makes it easy for you to respond quickly to changing form requirements – a huge advantage over pre-printed forms.

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