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BarCodeJet® is the easy and cost-effective way to produce high-quality barcode labels and barcoded documents. BarCodeJet can be used with practically any network-attached laser printer or multifunction device and a whole range of ERP and custom applications.

  • Intelligent barcode printing
  • OS independent
  • USPS Intelligent Mail barcodes
  • Wide range of standard UPC codes
  • Auto calculation of checksums
  • Auto scaling and text insertion
  • DIMM, CompactFlash and USB versions

BarCodeJet Overview

The Easy Way to add Barcode Printing Capabilities to HP® LaserJet® printers and MFP devices

Look around any hospital, grocery store, mailroom or warehouse. You’ll see barcodes everywhere. From manufacturers looking to monitor their production and parts inventory, to distributors looking to speed postal delivery, to medical centers needing to track patients and medications, barcodes are an essential tool for any organization looking to simplify management of their operations.

In the past, barcode generation required dedicated printing hardware and specialized applications. But with BarCodeJet you can easily turn almost any HP LaserJet printer or MFP device into a high quality barcode printing system.

The Easy Barcode Solution

BarCodeJet is available as a DIMM, CompactFlash or USB module.

Just plug the module into the appropriate port on your HP LaserJet Printer or MFP device, and you’re instantly ready for barcode printing. It’s that simple. On top of that, your device will still maintain all its previous functionality, helping you to get the most of your hardware investment.
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Generate a Wide Range of Barcodes

BarCodeJet encodes data directly from the printer data stream.

Providing built-in support for all common one and two dimensional barcodes. This includes USPS Intelligent Mail barcodes and a wide range of standard UPC codes.
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Ideal for a Wide Range of Applications

As an “in printer” solution, BarCodeJet is OS independent.

That makes it an ideal solution for a wide array of common ERP systems — including popular SAP environments — as well as custom applications. BarCodeJet offers a complete set of both scalable and bitmap barcode fonts, making it perfect for mixed application environments that require both intelligent and font-only barcode support.
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SAP Compatible

Designed for full compatibility with SAP®.

BarCodeJet gives SAP applications the power to produce highly readable barcode labels with no programming required. This capability extends to documents containing control and cross-reference barcodes, making BarCodeJet a valuable asset for any organization looking to better manage their stock or materials.
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Complete Printer Enhancement Solutions

BarCodeJet is one of the many solutions we offer to help you extend the capabilities of your HP LaserJet printer or MFP device and get the most out of your hardware and software investments.

We offer solutions to help you create, enhance, secure, distribute and automate your business documents and take control of your printing processes and expenses.
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