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Notice Regarding Microsoft "PrintNightmare" Spool Vulnerability

Microsoft and the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency have issued public notification about a critical vulnerability in the Microsoft Windows Print Spooler. If exploited, this serious vulnerability can allow a remote attacker to execute malicious code with system privileges on a vulnerable system.

While Microsoft has released an update for this vulnerability (CVE-2021-1675), it is important to realize that this update does NOT address the public exploits that also identify as CVE-2021-34527, aka “PrintNightmare.” This vulnerability is being researched now by Microsoft to provide a patch for this issue.

Our server-based VPSX® software is not impacted by this vulnerability, as it does not utilize the Windows Print Spool. However, many LRS customers have end user workstations in their networks and/or run Windows applications that use the Microsoft Windows Print Spooler. As such, these Windows PCs are potentially at risk of being exploited by this vulnerability.

Likewise, Cirrato One software does not rely on the use of the Windows spooler on the Cirrato Server, EXCEPT in those sites where auto-registration pages are used to register user cards. However, all Cirrato One client end user workstations in their networks run Windows applications that use the Microsoft Windows Print Spooler, in association with the Cirrato One client. These Windows PCs are therefore potentially at risk.

The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is recommending that administrators disable the Windows Print spooler service in Domain Controllers and systems that do not print.

LRS advises our customers to follow the guidance of their IT security teams until Microsoft issues a patch for this vulnerability. Please contact LRS support with any questions or concerns related to these and other printing issues.

UPDATE July 7, 2021:

Microsoft has released security updates to address this vulnerability and recommends that these patches be installed immediately. Please click the link below to learn more about the vulnerability and download the applicable security updates for your environment. 

CVE-2021-34527 - Security Update Guide - Microsoft - Windows Print Spooler Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

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