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As you heard during our presentation, LRS is a global technology leader with several different business divisions. We employ more than 1000 people throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. We continue to grow year after year.

All our divisions came about, in one way or another, because of our origins as a consulting company. At first glance, the different divisions may seem disconnected, but each one was an organic expansion of our work in the IT industry. More than 40 years later, LRS is the solid, diverse, and growing company that remains headquartered on Monroe Street in Springfield with many offices across the globe. Our solutions are in place by most of the world’s largest companies and we are committed to being a premier employer of IT professionals.

Daniel Connolly

Manager, EOM Support & z/OS Systems


Derek Yow

Director, Product Support


Rebecca O'Connell

Manager, Product Development


Cloud Printing

SaaS, PaaS or to run your own Cloud Printing Solution on Premise

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Managed Services

Print Scan and Output Management Cloud Service

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SAP Output Management

SAP Certified Scan, Print and Output Management

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EMR Output

Improving healthcare printing & document delivery for faster, better patient care

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