Learn more about Standardizing Print and Scan Infrastructure for the Digital Workspace Webinar

When looking to put a solid digital workplace strategy in place, there are some important factors to consider.

First and foremost, one must consider the needs of the end users. How can we make them more productive, flexible, and engaged? Organizations want to enable new and more effective ways of working so employees are more deeply engaged and satisfied, and thus more productive.

Today’s employees are highly mobile and end up doing their jobs from many places on many types of devices. The content and documents they work with matter; they are at the center of the user’s world. Employees need the ability to easily access, share, print, scan, or store those documents from any device, on any platform and application, anytime and anywhere. LRS software provides consistent, intuitive, and flexible facilities to help manage enterprise-wide printing/scanning and document storage.

LRS has been in the document/output management business for a long time and understands what it takes to make documents accessible. We also know how to safeguard them, store them, and secure them as they move across various platforms and applications — a key capability as the new digital transformation of the workplace becomes a reality.

To help organizations prepare for transforming their businesses to a digital workplace, LRS is offering a series of five webinars in the coming months.

In the first webinar, LRS will cover the key issues to address when you begin creating a digital workplace:

-Translating the buzzwords – How do middleware, virtualization, mobility, IT standardization, business agility, and business transformation relate to printing/scanning in the digital workplace? 

-How can a standardized approach to print/output management help reduce costs, ensure security, and improve your business agility? 

-How will taking a holistic view of your print/scan infrastructure result in consistent functionality, user experience and service levels across the entire enterprise?

In the four subsequent webinars, we will cover the topics of: Cloud, Safeguarding Your Documents, User Mobility and finally Transitioning Legacy Systems for the digital workplace.

These 45-minute webinars will be presented by Brent Black, Director of Product Management at LRS.  Brent works closely with sales, marketing, and development organizations to monitor trends and define the future roadmap at LRS. Brent has spent over 30 years working in the print and output management industry. 

The first webinar, Standardizing Print and Scan Infrastructure for the Digital Workplace will be held on:

April 9 @ 16:00 UK/17:00 European/11:00 US Eastern Time


April 11 @ 15:00 UK /16:00 European /10:00 US Eastern Time

Unable to attend either of these sessions? 

Learn more about how LRS is helping organizations make the transition to a digital workplace. To register for our webinars click here.

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