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Microsoft released Branch Office Direct Printing in 2012 as an option to reduce print related network traffic and reduce workload on Windows Print Servers. With this model, Client-Side Rendering (CSR) is used so that a printer-ready file is produced on the Windows Client then sent directly to the printer network address. A Windows Print Server is still required, and clients will automatically fall back to Server Side Rendering (SSR - running the print driver on the Windows Print Server) in case of a network error or problem with deployment. Although the network reduction can be significant (up to 99%), the system has many limitations that may make it less attractive (no accounting, Windows-only, limited printers per server, limited High Availability, no migration tools, etc.). As it relies on regular Windows Severs and Windows spooling functions, it is also vulnerable to malware such as Print Nightmare.

LRS take a different approach, with no requirement for Windows Print Servers. Users can find, define and manage printers and print drivers using a simple self-service GUI which is consistent for Windows, Linux and MacOS and provides a far richer user experience than standard Windows functions. Direct printing from the client device is possible with the advantages of full accounting and analytics and print policy management with pop-ups which advise users of the cost implications of their decisions.

The LRS Personal Print Manager

LRS Personal Print Manager (PPM) Interface

LRS Personal Print Manager (PPM) Printer Locator

Security is at the heart of all LRS products and encryption both across networks and at rest is included for all products, as is integration with modern security and identity management (IdP) systems. LRS servers are massively scalable (we have customers managing over 10,000 devices per server) and can be run on-premise, via cloud providers or be fully hosted and managed by LRS. LRS aim to offer complete flexibility to suit the needs of every customer.

LRS includes a function to perform simple migration from Windows Print Server environments and have a highly experienced professional services team which can plan and manage migrations for you or with you if required. We have a wealth of experience in working with large and complex enterprise-class customers and can advise on everything from legacy systems migration, management of security certificates, configuration of Network Load Balancers to customized workflows and integration with applications in your environment.  

Because the LRS products are modular, customers can start with a simple Windows Print Server migration and later add components for Secure Pull Print and Scan, Output Management for any backend application (SAP, EPIC, Cerner, mainframe, etc.), Internet only (zero trust) printing, mobile printing, archival and viewing, application modernization, etc. later if required. All of these options are not roadmap or beta futures; they are already in use at some of the world’s largest enterprises.

Whether you are looking to eliminate troublesome Windows Print Servers or enhance the security and flexibility of your print environment, LRS can help. Contact us to learn more.

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