LRS Opens New Office in SAP Partner Port

SPRINGFIELD, IL - November 5, 2007 – Today, Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc. (LRS), a leader in output management, began moving into its new office in Walldorf, Germany, home of enterprise software vendor SAP AG. The new space, located in the "Partner Port" facility at SAP headquarters, is the latest sign of LRS' commitment to and focus on the SAP market space.

"LRS has been developing products to manage SAP documents for over a decade," says John Runions, Senior Manager of Global Alliances at LRS. "The first meeting I had with our SAP partner liaison was in an impressive glass-walled conference room at SAP. I never imagined that years later LRS would be signing the lease on that very same office space."

Located on the ground floor of the Partner Port building at Altrottstrasse 31 in Walldorf, the new LRS® office will serve as LRS' main point of contact for SAP staff, integrators, and customers alike. "I'm very happy to finally be moving into the new space," says Volker Kyra, LRS® Manager of SAP Global Alliances. "We are currently working with hundreds of organizations to provide assured delivery of business-critical SAP documents. While we recently succeeded in obtaining "Powered by SAP NetWeaver" status for our VPSX® solution, it was a lengthy process. Being literally a few minutes' walk from our counterparts at SAP will improve our collaboration and help both companies provide timely service to our growing number of mutual customers."

Organizations around the world are investing heavily in SAP-based business systems. The need for reliable, assured delivery of documents from these critical systems has likewise increased the demand for LRS products like the VPSX solution. "The more valuable the document, the more customers demand that it be delivered on time - every time - to the printer, email address, or other destination," says Runions. "LRS is making the investment in this new office for one reason: SAP-related projects make up the majority of our new VPSX opportunities. Being closer to SAP in both geographic and business terms will drive our own success and help us provide more value to our customers."

About LRS
LRS is a privately-held company with corporate headquarters located in Springfield, Illinois. Remote offices are located throughout the United States and in key geographic regions around the world. More than half of the Fortune 500 and Fortune 500 Service companies rely on industry-leading LRS solutions, with products in use in over 30 countries. Gartner and other analyst groups recognize LRS as a global IT leader. Software Magazine consistently ranks LRS as one of the top 200 software companies in the world. For more information about LRS, visit

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