VMworld is a LOT to take in in five days. There are more than 5,000 companies represented by more than 21K attendees. These leaders, innovators and thinkers are the ones creating the digital foundation of technology and business transformation today. Count LRS among those leaders.

LRS will be an exhibitor during VMworld 2019 in San Francisco. With so many technology and IT leaders in attendance, it provides a great audience to deliver our message to; we create document management tools that help companies reduce costs and operate more efficiently. One of the key ways we help is with VDI printing and more specifically, pull printing.

Unclaimed documents and mobile printing can be problematic; i.e .they cost money. LRS can help you solve these problems.

Our solutions eliminate these problems.  We’ve been in the output management business for nearly four decades and  have helped countless organizations overcome print-related challenges.

Our Virtual Session Printer Agent (VSPA) software allows IT administrators to associate users, printers and terminals intelligently to ensure the successful deployment of VDI environments across the enterprise.

We’ve simplified what we do in this infographic that shows you how we can help with your VDI environment. Take a few minutes before you go to VMworld then stop by to see us and let us answer any questions you have about our document management solutions.

We’ll have our reps there to show you the best way to easily incorporate VDI within your organization. Join us as we celebrate 40 years and our legacy of innovation and a vision for the future.

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