Levi, Ray & Shoup continues to expand conversion capabilities through relationship with Compart Systemhaus

[SPRINGFIELD, IL - Oct. 25, 2004] - Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc. (LRS) announced an agreement to integrate Compart's DocBridge Mill data stream conversion suite as OEM options for use with the LRS suite of Enterprise Output Management solutions.

"Our newly introduced UNIX product, VPSX, efficiently manages end-to-end delivery of UNIX output with the performance, reliability, and control facilities that our mainframe customers have seen over the last two decades," states John Howerter, LRS Senior VP of Product Marketing. "Our customers can now capitalize on a UNIX-based solution that provides production-ready print delivery and the flexibility to address data stream and printer-specific requirements," adds Mr. Howerter. VPSX is currently being implemented by customers in the US and Europe.

Compart is an international supplier of software components used for large-scale document and output management systems. Harald Grumser, Managing Director of Compart Systemhaus, states, "Organizations using a world class print distribution infrastructure such as VPS or VPSX are able to automate high performance data stream conversion to achieve the most cost-effective print operation. We are very proud to have a role in a leading solution that targets the fast-growing market of multi-channel output management." Organizations often rely on multiple vendors to process and convert AFP or SAP's OTF print data streams for use in their print center. This relationship adds transparent UNIX-based AFP and SAP data stream conversion to VPSX for use in printing, viewing, and archiving applications. Additionally, LRS customers get the benefit of receiving end-to-end support from a single vendor solely focused on output management.

About LRS

LRS is a privately held company whose corporate headquarters are located in Springfield, Illinois. Remote offices are located throughout the United States and in key geographic regions around the world. More than half of the Fortune 500 and Fortune 500 Service companies rely on industry leading LRS solutions, with products in use in over 30 countries. Gartner and other analyst groups recognize LRS as a global IT leader. Software Magazine consistently ranks LRS as one of the top 200 software companies in the world. For more information about LRS, visit www.VPS.com.

About Compart Systemhaus GmbH

Compart Systemhaus GmbH was founded in 1992. Located in B?blingen, Germany, they are an established supplier of software components and services for system suppliers, system integrators, and end-users in the field of large-scale document and output management systems. Distinguishing features of the Compart technology are the use of a generic document model, a component structure based on this, and a development architecture that is independent of the operating system. Based on this approach, Compart develops components that use open standards and provide a selection of document processing functions characterized by their high reproduction quality and performance - such as format conversion, and formatting XML-based documents. For further information, visit: www.compart.net.

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