LRS Announces MFPsecure™ Pull Printing Hardware and Software

SPRINGFIELD, IL – May 22, 2013 – Today, Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc. (LRS) is announcing a new line of hardware and software aimed at the pull printing and secure document delivery markets. The MFPsecure family of solutions will support output devices from a variety of hardware vendors, enabling customers with large, diverse printer fleets to save money and improve document security.

“We know that approximately 10 percent of all print jobs are never retrieved from the printer,” said John Howerter, LRS Senior Vice President of Product Marketing. “These unclaimed documents are not only costly and wasteful, they also put sensitive information at risk. Our new MFPsecure solutions offer a seamless way of delivering any document, in any format, anywhere in the organization while simultaneously improving document security.”

LRS is extending its MFPsecure software to support Lexmark and Xerox hardware through embedded software agents designed to run natively on most modern multifunction print devices (MFPs). Similar to the recently-developed solution for HP devices, this solution leverages the MFP touchscreen interface to let users select their desired output options. All MFPsecure software also works with LRS’ MFPsecure Card Reader hardware to provide proximity card-based user authentication.

The new MFPsecure XT solution uses both hardware and software components to bring pull printing capabilities to network-attached printers and MFPs that do not support embedded agents. Included in the solution are the MFPsecure Card Reader and an external controller interface box for device connectivity. This hardware extends the capabilities of the MFPsecure and VPSX® software solutions to single-function and specialty printers, allowing users to retrieve queued documents from a multitude of output devices.

“Our solution for HP devices generated a lot of interest last year, but most large organizations have equipment from multiple vendors,” explains Brian Huggins, LRS Vice President of Product Development. “We are now expanding our embedded solutions to support Lexmark and Xerox hardware, and expect to announce support for Ricoh MFPs and other vendors in the coming months.”

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