SPRINGFIELD, IL – June 20, 2014 – Today, Levi Ray & Shoup, Inc. (LRS) announced a new version of its MFPsecure pull printing software. The MFPsecure for Ricoh offering is an embedded software agent that runs natively on modern Ricoh multifunction print devices (MFPs).

This new product update enables ‘secure delivery’ support for Ricoh hardware devices, which represents an important milestone in our strategy to expand MFPsecure support across key printer vendor platforms,” says John Runions, LRS Director of Worldwide Alliance Sales. “MFPsecure for Ricoh enhances our ‘secure delivery’ solutions and joins our existing clients for HP, Xerox, and Lexmark devices.”

The MFPsecure for Ricoh software leverages the touchscreen interface on most recent Ricoh devices to let users selectively print queued documents from the robust LRS® Enterprise Output Server. Instead of submitting print jobs directly to a printer, users print to a secure personal print queue. Users can retrieve queued documents by walking up to any defined MFP and authenticating via login, Personal Identification Code or swiping a proximity card over an RFID sensor. This eliminates the problem of sensitive documents sitting unsecured in a printer output tray and can reduce the overall amount of printing in an organization.

Customers and others interested in learning about the MFPsecure product suite are encouraged to visit /products/pull-printing


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