The last few months have been very busy… mostly in preparation for this week. Yes, it’s HIMSS time again and my colleagues and I are here talking to LRS customers, development partners, and former co-workers. The world of healthcare software is a small one, and HIMSS is a tough place to stay anonymous if you’ve been in the industry very long.

This year, I expect a lot of questions from Epic customers about LRS’ presence on the Epic App Orchard. Most will want to know what’s changed with our VPSX/EI solution. Truth be told, just as much has changed in our relationship with Epic as in the product itself.

It’s been a long road working with Epic staff to be added as a Silver App Orchard contributor. Last November, a colleague and I attended the Epic App Orchard conference at Epic headquarters in Verona, Wisconsin. There, we talked about the roadmap of the App Orchard and got a chance to network with other vendor participants… sowing the seeds of Enterprise Output Management wherever we found some fertile ground.

For those who haven’t been to Epic headquarters, it’s quite different from any other corporate environment you’ve ever seen. For example, at some point I had to take a call from a colleague back in the office so I looked around for a private spot to talk. Here’s the first place I found:

HIMSS App Orchard Camp

Had I been elsewhere on campus, I might have taken my call from a bench on a subway platform, a tree house, or a spot on a wall next to Humpty Dumpty. The Epic campus is many things — colorful, sprawling, and sometimes confusing — but it’s never boring.

HIMSS App Orchard Bug

Flash forward to HIMSS, where we’re now waiting to answer your questions about our VPSX/EI solution, our preparations for the Epic 2018 release, and more. If you’re here, please stop by Booth 232 in the Exhibit hall and say hello. If you’re not attending this year, take a stroll through the Orchard and let us know what you think.

App Orchard Logo - LRS

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