Wow, what a time. Last week was the annual Cerner Health Conference in Kansas City, Missouri. Once again, the LRS team had a chance to mingle with 14,000 of our closest friends, corporate partners, and other CHC 17 attendees.

It was fun. It was exhausting. And I can’t wait for the next one.

This year, we were unable to get our regular ice carver in for the event (who knew these guys retired?). Without our trademark “tip of the iceberg” theme, we thought that our booth attendance might diminish… along with the normal stream of attendee questions (“Is the ice real?” “Can I touch it?” “How many buckets of ice water do you have to empty out in a day?”).

With no space needed for an iceberg, we set up an extra demo station and hoped for the best. Just to be safe, we had plenty of fidget cubes and stress toys to keep ourselves busy during slow periods.

LRS Cerner Healthcare Show

As it turns out, those slow periods were few and far between. We talked with over 400 attendees and did hundreds of demos. One of our clients from Einstein Medical Center was on hand to tell other companies how they had implemented our solutions. We learned a lot, and so did visitors to our booth.

Security is a major issue in healthcare organizations, and there were countless questions about print stream encryption and our LRS pull printing solutions. Several of our printing hardware partners were in nearby booths, so attendees were able to get information on all aspects of implementing a secure printing environment.

LRS Cerner

Cerner LRSA little bird told us that most attendees were headed downtown on Wednesday night to recharge their batteries. After several long days answering questions in the trade show booth, the LRS crew joined other CHC 2017 participants for this year’s neon-themed “Bash” down in Kansas City’s Power and Light District.

It was a great week in a great city with some great healthcare professionals. If we didn’t see you there last week, we hope to meet you at CHC 2018 next October!

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