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Reduce Infrastructure

Reduce Infrastructure

As your organization grows, so does the complexity of your IT infrastructure. Often, companies implement additional software, servers, and output devices to deliver the business-critical documents that drive business processes.


LRS software helped a European manufacturer reduce Windows print servers from 600 down to 30 with projected savings exceeding 2.1 million euros.

In the short term, adding another print server or MFP may be a simple way to address end user needs. But over time, this approach results in a patchwork of redundant systems that is both costly to maintain and difficult to manage.

LRS® software solutions eliminate the need for redundant print servers and related infrastructure. All output can be managed through a scalable single point of control, regardless of document origin, format, or destination.

Powerful web-based management facilities give administrators full control over their users’ critical documents without the need to purchase and maintain local print servers. LRS customers report savings of over $1 million per year through the elimination of Windows® print servers, specialty font hardware and other infrastructure components.

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