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Control Output Costs

Control Output Costs

Regardless of industry or geographical location, organizations around the world are challenged to provide better results with fewer resources. Top business analysts have declared printing and other output-related processes as "the last bastion of un-audited corporate costs."

LRS® Output Management software helps you identify and tap these unclaimed savings by giving you the tools to capture, analyze, control, store, and deliver business-critical documents in the most efficient manner. Our software helps organizations:

  • Eliminate unnecessary infrastructure components. One instance of LRS software can replace dozens or hundreds of Windows® and other print servers. Customers around the world report savings of more than $1 million per year through reduced capital, maintenance, and support costs.
  • Reduce the number of output devices. Personal printers are costly to operate and support. By replacing large fleets of remote printers with a smaller number of multifunction print devices (MFPs), organizations can dramatically lower document costs while increasing information security and user productivity.
  • Establish and enforce cost-saving print policies to cut printing costs. Rules-based printing helps reduce wasteful behavior and promote better use of printing resources by helping end users understand the impact of their printing choices. LRS Policy Print functionality gives administrators a powerful tool to reduce printing cost.
  • Manage and recover printing costs. Actively track who is printing what in order to effectively reduce the cost related to unnecessary or wasteful printing. Charge departments and end users for what they print. Or introduce print quotas to limit what is printed each month and to further increase end user awareness..
  • View and deliver documents electronically. LRS software captures and stores documents in electronic form for web-based online viewing or email delivery. This eliminates the costs associated with printing and storing hardcopy documents, and provides faster document access to aid in compliance efforts.

Here are the results of a recent IDC study completed on our customers' results with our software:

IDC Study - LRS 

Interested in learning how much your organization could save? Click here to access our savings calculator or contact our document experts to hear how we’ve helped customers around the world improve document access while spending less.