Dell, Inc., is a full-service provider of mainframe migration, modernization, and optimization solutions. Dell architects, designs, and configures comprehensive projects that maximize the value of core IT assets. By leveraging customers’ current application assets onto open systems, IT flexibility is enhanced, resulting in improved time-to-market and dramatically reduced costs.

LRS’ zOS-based solutions integrate with CICS®, IMS®, and other applications to provide assured document delivery on the mainframe. Similarly, our open systems products manage batch and online output in Dell’s environment and ensure that documents reach their intended destinations. VPSX Enterprise software enables conversion of AFP®, Xerox®, and other legacy data streams without application changes, and our PageCenterX® solution facilitates the replacement of mainframe-based archiving systems. Together with Dell®, LRS software reduces the time, effort, and risk of modernization projects. LRS is a proud member of the Dell Modernization Reference Architecture.