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“Do more with less.”
“Work smarter, not harder.”
“We need to focus on our core competencies.”

In business, clichés like these get tossed around on a continual basis. In fact, they’re so common we sometimes gloss over the actual thoughts they convey. But the sentiments behind these time-worn phrases are real; an increasing number of LRS customers and partners are running into a serious problem. They lack the personnel or the willingness to manage the software, hardware, and infrastructure needed to support their output management environment.

What if the Enterprise Output Management (EOM) experts who created your print solution could do all the administration and servicing of your LRS software and let your teams shift their focus to other responsibilities? You could re-allocate your in-house technical knowledge to advance corporate initiatives that will better position your company for success. In other words, you could better focus on your “core competencies.”

Lending a Hand

Enter the LRS EOM Managed Services offering. Using dedicated staff located at our offices in North America, Europe, and Australia, LRS technicians can handle daily administration of your LRS EOM suite. An LRS technician will work alongside your Systems Engineering team to better understand the document solution in use and any customization involved. Together, we will develop and optimize an output management environment to meet your unique needs.

We have two basic licensing models:

  1. LRS software runs on premise at the client location. Maybe you have already licensed LRS software and own the hardware and infrastructure necessary to support it, but you no longer want the responsibility of managing the solution. No problem; leave the software where it is and we can manage it for you.
  2. Customer EOM software hosted in the LRS Cloud. In this scenario, your licensed LRS software is hosted in the LRS Cloud (Azure, AWS, Others). We’ll help you migrate your on-premise software to an LRS managed virtual private cloud and then maintain it for you going forward.

So, what happens when (not if) there’s a hiccup in your printing environment? Support is available during regular business hours on weekdays in a given country or region.  24 x 7 coverage and “follow the sun” coverage is also available. Emergency after-hours support is provided with every licensed LRS product and our Managed Service offering is no exception.

How Does it Work?

In managing your document environment, LRS Output Management Technicians employ many of the same tools that our customers’ own internal support teams use. These include email, phone, and desktop sharing applications. But instead of relying on your own support staff, remote Level 2 management of the LRS suite is provided by our dedicated technical experts based in three LRS regional headquarters:

  • LRS worldwide HQ in Springfield, IL, USA
  • Our EMEA HQ in Cheltenham, England
  • Our APAC HQ in Sydney, Australia

Having dedicated services personnel in these strategic locations enables us to offer true “follow the sun” coverage. Moreover, these services staff work alongside the LRS Product Support teams who support our other global customers, so they have direct access to the knowledge needed to solve any problem.

In a day-to-day scenario, clients who run into printing issues would simply contact LRS to report problems or request changes to the LRS suite (add/delete printers, etc.). After verifying that we are authorized to make a given change, LRS will record the change in our incident management system (and your system if required) and make the requested change.

In the case of a more complicated problem requiring additional support, the LRS Output Management Technician will contact the LRS Product Support team on your behalf and work with them to resolve the issue. If a software fix is needed, your assigned Technician will evaluate the fix in your TEST environment before implementing it into production. He or she will then work with your team to schedule the upgrade and install the new release.

The Bottom Line

If your company no longer wants to, or is able to, handle the day-to-day management of your print environment with your current resources, LRS can help. We’ve got the software, skills, and experience to provide a secure and highly flexible output management service. Interested? To learn more, contact your LRS Account Executive or drop us a line at

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