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The View from C-Level

CIOs speak out

Magic Trick Anyone?

What have you got up your sleeve?

An Epic Journey - Part 2

Customers know best. Epic customers know even better...

“High Availability” Meets Enterprise Print

Need improved reliability and disaster recovery? HA!

Location, Status, Capabilities

The search is over...

LRS Attends SAP TechEd in Las Vegas and Barcelona

A Song of Fire and Ice – and Tapas!

Building Your Digital Platform – Deploy “Printing as a Service”

Congratulations – you’ve been named the new CIO! Now let’s take a look at that new Inbox…

Isn’t it time to think about retirement?

Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Secure Documents for an Insecure World

How healthy is your document infrastructure?

Change – The One Constant in Life

Turn and face the strain…

Throwback Thursday: Need for Speed

Everything is relative…

LRS and Cirrato

Discussing the “whys” behind the “whats and whens”…

CUPS Half Full or Half Empty?

Can CUPS serve you as and Enterprise Print Solution?

Integrating with Adobe and HP Document Composition Tools

Improved document delivery through simpler output management

Printing Unicode SAP Output

With ZPL Label Printers via a ZPL converter

Leader of the Pack

You can’t tell the players without a scorecard…

Consolidating Print Servers for Dummies

If “less is more,” here’s how to get the most.

Mainframe Data Streams Reincarnated

Give old data streams a new lease on life.

Tales from the Front

Printing can be a nightmare in any environment where goods are shipped or service orders are sent via document. Read what one former SAP administrator learned during his time on the front lines of print support.

LRS Returns to HIMSS 2016

On the road again…

Cool Times at the Cerner Health Conference

Recently, LRS attended the annual Cerner Health Conference (CHC) in Kansas City, Missouri to discuss the challenges of managing clinical output in Cerner Millennium and Soarian environments.

Alive, Alert… and Highly Available

When a heartbeat’s not enough…

Buzzwords and Output Management – Improve Your Business Agility

Sorting the knowledge from the nonsense…

New solutions, same DNA

Tagline: New or old, some things just click…

Think You’ve Got Printing Covered?

In talking to organizations of all kinds, I’ve practically lost track of how many clients have said “Yep, we’ve got everything covered, now that we have a Managed Print Service agreement with XYZ Company.”

Eliminating Print Servers

At LRS, we’ve been helping customers to eliminate Windows Print Servers for years. Minimizing print server cost is the most obvious motivation, but there are several other benefits which may not be so obvious

LRS Customers Speak Out!

Every day, LRS helps customers solve output problems and reduce costs within their organizations. You’re used to hearing LRS talk about what we do, but when an actual customer steps forward to say how LRS has helped them, that’s far more compelling.

Final Thoughts on MPS

Massive follow me print savings? Pull the other one…

Universal Print Drivers – How universal are they really?

Bigfoot, UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, and now UPDs…

IT Transformation, Documents, and The Cloud - Part 1

It's "Innovate or Die" time in IT. What's in your stack?

IT Transformation, Documents, and The Cloud — Part 2

Want real benefits? Try adding an output management service layer in your IT services stack…

Walking the Talk

Need a quick reality check? Ask a customer…

LRS at Citrix Synergy 2016

What happens in Vegas..

Meet the (new) Boss

Lights, camera, action…

Remote Hosting in Healthcare

What happens when a medical center loses its communication link to its remote hosted application provider?

Who is really printing What, Where and When?

Working on your MPS contract? Time to ask some hard questions.

Migrate Control-D and Other Mainframe Report Archives

Are you considering a migration or an operating system switch away from your mainframe report archive solution?

Sand, Software, Synergy

Fun in the sun.

Miss the point? Not really.

The quick fix, the right fix, or both?

Yes, my Windows printing is covered. Now what?

Having a Managed Print Services agreement (MPS) is a good thing that can deliver lots of real-world benefits and improvements. But does it address all of your printing requirements across the enterprise, or should we be looking for ways to drive greater value from the MPS?

Printing in SAP Environments

“Why does my SAP output disappear sometimes when using SAPSprint?”

A Quick Printing Discussion

Let’s make this fast...

The Real McCoy versus the Wannabe Gang

“Fake it till you make it” is not a strategy for success…

Printer Deployment Made Simple

Out with the old, in with the new…

Think Big When Starting Small

Think that short-term fix will go the distance? That’s a stretch.

How do I print 2D barcodes (QR Code and DataMatrix) from SAP?

Barcodes are currently the most common way to encode information in a machine-readable format.

Citrix Printing Basics (and not-so-basics)

Printing in a Citrix environment seems a lot simpler than it really is. Read about the challenges of printing in a thin-client / zero client environment and learn how your organization can overcome them.

Positioning Your Business for the Digital Age

Information on tap: when, where, and how you need it.

Buddy, Can You Spare a Dime?

Small savings add up. Print savings add up faster.

You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

Who says you can’t have it all?

Night of the Round Table

Or early afternoon, as the case may be…

Print Queue Monitor for VPSX

Sometimes it’s best to stick to the script.

Failing to plan is planning to fail…

The Lowdown on Downtime

Hey, Can I Get a Little Self-Service Here?

In today’s business world, two things are certain: companies want to save as much money as possible and workers demand more freedom in how they do their jobs. So it is no surprise that IT organizations are rushing to invest in “self-service” capabilities that let users control aspects of technology once deemed far too complex or risky to entrust to average employees.

Replacing InfoPrint Manager with Levi, Ray & Shoup solutions

LRS helps customers to replace InfoPrint Manager and other point solutions with a highly-scalable output management solution.

An Epic Journey — Part 1

Customer demand yields Perls of wisdom...

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In their words...

SGX implemented VPSX as our new output management tool when we rehosted a critical platform out of the mainframe. VPSX was able to cater to our unique requirements thereby minimizing changes to our existing programs. Its graphical interface is user friendly and intuitive. LRS has excellent technical personnel who are proficient, knowledgeable and always helpful. Choo Sock Pin, Singapore Exchange Limited
"…LRS worked with us to build a system that helps our end users do their jobs." Bernd Bogena, RZ Verden
"Using VPSX filters, I was able to scan the document contents to identify sensitive patient data… Now any request for sensitive data automatically adheres to our privacy protocol." Brian Efting, Memorial Hermann Healthcare
"LRS offers a personal service that's professionally executed. You get a worldwide company implementing something for you as if they're a local company just around the corner. That's a big value-add in terms of using this product set and the LRS platform." Rob Brown, Capita PLC
"Es funktioniert einfach - It just works…" Kurt Heydemann, BMW
We were experiencing major print issues which were crippling our ability to ship finished goods/products to the marketplace. The LRS print solution provided a painless and virtually non-intrusive resolution to our problem. Within a few hours the solution was totally implemented and we were back in business without as much as a hiccup since. Jimmy Tucker, Lennox International
Bosch manages document output enterprise-wide including output from all SAP Systems and windows clients of the Bosch group worldwide, by using the highly scalable LRS software as a document process layer.  This enabled the removal of several hundred windows print servers and established a clear and non-complex printing infrastructure.  Bosch thereby significantly reduced operational costs required to manage the print infrastructure. Klaus Deibel, Robert Bosch
"VPSX feedback is important, because it gives employees the confidence of knowing the exact print status of a customer document." Holger Hecker. KKH Insurance
LRS Output Management is a highly scalable, robust software for quality enterprise document process management with worldwide round the clock support as standard. Klaus Deibel, Robert Bosch
"…Managers can quickly scan or search text online for exceptional levels of use. That increases productivity. By going electronic, we get rid of many costs including unnecessary printing, manual handling, and delayed or lost reports." Joe Wagner, North Broward Hospital District
The standardized LRS solution for output process management provides a solid base to implement other innovation like accounting for all output, printer hardware vendor independence and pull printing flexibility in managed print service initiatives. Klaus Deibel, Robert Bosch
"The LRS solution is a comprehensive and robust output management solution. Our products, when used together, ensure full compliance with printed patient information mandates." John Hodgson, TROY Group
"When that happens, we will have achieved one of our main goals: create a single solution that can receive documents from any application on any platform and reliably deliver them to the most cost-effective device." Oliver Schenk, KKH Insurance
Thanks to LRS' VPSX product, Brethren is able to reprint, view, and redirect large print jobs quickly and easily from one location without the need to regenerate them from scratch from many different sources, which results in large cost and time savings for the operational staff. John Snyder, Brethren Mutual Insurance Company
Weekly SAP Printing issues have been eliminated since the implementation of LRS VPSX. Valuable capacities in SAP Basis environment could be saved and recovered for other topics. Martin Heger, Sirona Dental Systems
Thanks to the implementation of the LRS VPSX solution there are absolutely no breakdowns with SAP printing anymore. The implementation was a raving success. Martin Heger, Sirona Dental Systems
(We had) a problem that would have taken an hour to figure out and resolve without LRS. It took five minutes (with VPSX.) Don Fosen, Edward-Elmhurst Hospital
Here at Lennox we spent countless numbers of hours each week trying to solve direct from Unix printing issues. Once we installed the LRS VPSX print server product, we realized immediate relief from a whole host of printing issues, i.e. printer hangs, repeated print tasks, and printer lost communication problems. VPSX has allowed our group to spend less time fighting printing issues and more time addressing higher level tasks. James Bryant, Lennox International
You do not use Microsoft WordPad that comes with Windows Operating Systems as your word processor; you buy Microsoft Word. For the same reasons, why would you use Windows Print Server software to handle output from your business critical applications? We chose LRS to handle that function for us. Charles Harris, Duke University Health System
"VPSX just works; and with over 3000 registrations per day, it has to. Because we run a lean IT operation, that saves us time, money, and manpower." Dan Richardson, Wishard Health Services
"In complex environments like ours, VPSX provides far more functionality and control than the basic EPS system." Jed Krisch, Carilion Clinic
Any administrator, director or manager looking for a system to manage their revenue or productivity reporting should consider LRS's PageCenterX product. PCX's report separation and archival features have allowed our customers to better manage cash flow, document changes and audit receipt of reports.  Elizabeth Sopko, University Hospitals Health System
"…LRS has a fifteen year history of working with Siemens to provide reliable, secure delivery of healthcare information for their customers…"
"LRS software really acts as our universal output channel… That makes life a lot easier for our support staff and our end users, which means we can spend a lot less time fixing print problems and more time improving our business." Hartmut Brinkmann, Miele
I could write a book on how much we love LRS. Job Marshall, Mother Frances Hospital
Our implementation of VPSX was the fastest IT-project we have ever had. It's amazing how quick the implementation to "go live" was. Eugen Berchtold, RI Solution GmbH

(LRS) take all these complicated printing activities and they wrap them up into an interface that is easy to use. We don't have Windows print servers anymore for our EMR printing. It is all is wrapped up in the LRS product. This is a lot of complexity that is just made much simpler.

Don Fosen, Edward-Elmhurst Hospital

"Each month, LRS software saves countless hours of troubleshooting efforts for our Core production team." Omer Awan, Memorial Hermann Healthcare
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