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Setting up Google Chromebook Push Printing

Setting up Push Printing

Download the full installation guide

Activate username and job name information (Required to send accurate user and document name)

  • Login to Google Enterprise Administration Console
  • Activate policy
  • Go to: Print Job information section
  • Select "Include user account and filename in print job"

Google Chromebook Administrator Console with LRS

Check/configure Printer

  • Login to the LRS VPSX Web console
  • Open printer list

Google Chromebook Setup with VPSX

  • Check printer name & VPSX/Workplace license 

Create Enterprise spooled printer

  • Login in Google Enterprise Administration Console
  • go to: Printers list
  • Click yellow "+" to add printer

Add a Printer to Google Chromebook with LRS

  • Create printer using server name & queue name

Printer Setup for Google Chromebooks with LRS

  • Printer name: the common name visible to users
  • Description: adds complementary information
  • Select the most suitable driver for your printer or system
  • Select Protocol, IPPS is required to set the correct user and document name and activate encryption
  • Enter port: 9443 is default IPPS port for LRS servers, 631 is usual IPP port.
  • Path: is the matching queue name in VPSX
  • Select created printer and activate availability options for users

Setting up an LRS Google Chromebook Printer

  • Click "Save"

User test

  • Print a document from a Chromebook
    • Login on a managed Chromebook
    • Open a document and click on the "Print" button on top left

Test Print Google Chromebook and LRS

  • In destination, select "See More..."

Choose a Printer for Google Chromebook Printing

  • Select the newly defined printer then click "Print"

Select a Printer for Google Chromebook printing

  • The system then shows “Printing” message as below, and when finished a “Printing complete" message to the user


View printed jobs list

  • Login in LRS admin
  • Printed job can be viewed in "Retained Queue"
    • (if retention has been configured for that printer)

View Printed Google Chromebook Document